What is HFLogs?

Historic Record of Online HF Log DataBases:

HFLogs is a non-commercial central store for 'Logs' or records of radio signals received on the 'High Frequency' or HF band (3-30 Mhz). Types of transmissions include Numbers Stations, Military, Weather, Trans-Oceanic Aircraft, Pirate Stations, Radar and a number of other oddities. Over the years a number of these communal logs have accumulated from various groups. HFLogs strives to archive and make these Historic Logs searchable online for future generations. See 'Historic Logs' menu, above. HFLogs will continue to aggregate and make available these logs when permission is given.

Your Personal Online HF Logging Platform:

Anyone is welcome to create an account at HFLogs and use our electronic online logging system. Currently the logging facilities are expanding in detail, but are ready for general use. Your logs will be a personal record which you can (will) be abe to export, search and have bragging rights on HFlogs for the number of logs you have. These logs will also be stored as part of a new communal HF Log Book and be searchable by the community at large.

A New Communal HF Log Book:

In addition to making historic logs available, HFLogs is making available the logs logged by its members in searchable format. Members who wish to add to HFLogs Articles can be granted permission to write up their own articles to be included on the website.