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Latest SSTV Logging.

Captured by chrissmolinski
2019-02-23 18:30:58 UTC


Your Personal Online HF Logging Platform:

A bunch of stuff about that


HFLogs is a central store for 'Logs' or records of radio signals, especially on the 'High Frequency' or HF band (3-30 Mhz). Hobbyists have been making these HF logs for many years and via a number of forums and groups. HFLogs strives to archive and make searchable these Historic Logs for future generations. These logs can be searched by selecting a database from the 'Historic Logs' menu, above. HFLogs will continue to aggregate logs, where permission is given, into the future as well.


HFLogs is currently implementing its own platform for user-based log submission. Slow Scan TV images are logged from the chat group. and can be searched here. Plans are underway to start generic HF signal logging from the hfunderground chat group, similar to the IRC days on #monitor and #wunclub.